Tracking My Progress

Starting Gate

I began my return to fitness on September 1, 2022. Waiting until the outside temperature cooled off to a comfortable running temperature, my initial emphasis was on focusing on my diet, walking (which at that time I was not recording), and introducing rowing later on.

I will provide totals on the first of each month.

DateWeightTotal Miles RunTotal Hours Rowing
September 1, 202229000
October 1, 202228001:17:25.00
November 1, 202226546.395:41:23.92
December 1, 2022
January 1, 2023
February 1, 2023
March 1, 2023
April 1, 2023

Until my next total on December 1, I will say that as of today (November 10), my total running is 72 miles and my weight is 260 pounds.