It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

There is nothing like a gorgeous day to drag me outside for a run.

Yesterday, with a hint of a breeze and the temperature hovering in the mid-fifties, how could I refuse the opportunity?

Choosing a new path, I slowly forged a delightful 6 mile run with just enough elevation to remind me how much I enjoy running on flat terrain while educating myself how important running the incline is to my strength, endurance and overall health.

I am continuing to enjoy my New Balance 680s, barely out of the box with only 26 miles of pavement under their treads. My only problem since restarting my running has been some sock related issues, as if balling up in the creases of my toes. I am starting to think that it is related to the tension on my shoe laces. I don’t think the laces are tight enough, lower on the shoes. I will be adjusting that before my next run.

Today, I am taking a day off, giving myself over to rowing instead. But looking outside it is another beautiful day and it is tugging at me.

The Cool Air and Light Rain Called Me

Slipping on my New Balance Fresh Foam 680 shoes that I used for the first time yesterday, and grabbing my gear, I stepped outside into another world, the coldest day of the fall so far here in southern Nevada. I had no plans, no distance in mind, just my running belt, visor, and iPod as I took in the briskness of the breeze and listened to some tunes.

As I headed down the main road, I toyed with the idea of setting a new long run for my resurgent running career, the longest up to this point being 7.2 miles. But it wasn’t until around mile 5 that I made up my mind. Though the majority of the run back home would be uphill, I looked at my Garmin and determined that I could do 8 miles.

I was all the way back to the gate of my neighborhood when my right sock started giving me fits and forcing me to stop and pull off my shoe. Everything looked ok, and my toes were thankful for the momentary break. After a little sock adjustment, I put my shoe back on and headed into the neighborhood, running off the last 1/4 mile I need to make 8.

My calves were not happy, but that is to be expected. A hot shower helped to quell their protest.

All in all, it was a perfect day for a run.