The Woes of Sock Bunching

It was another beautiful day for running yesterday. It was 57 degrees with a cloud-spotted sky and a touch of a breeze. My initial intention was an 8 or 9-mile run, but getting started late in the day, I decided against it as I had brought anything reflective with me and it was going to be dark before I got home.

I settled for a 7-mile run, though settled isn’t quite accurate.

Unlike my running in years past, I have been struggling with a new problem of late, and it has affected me on several of my runs now. What is happening is that I feel as if my socks are bunching up underneath at the base of my toes. When it happens, it very quickly moves from being a distraction to bothersome. Eventually, I have to stop, pull off my shoes, adjust my socks which don’t appear to have bunched up as they felt, put my shoes back on and lace them up.

It happened twice on the run yesterday, and I began to realize that if I cannot figure out how to solve this problem, I will never be able to achieve my distance goals.

I have tried at least six different styles of socks, from Adidas, Nike, and New Balance. For a moment or two, I thought it might be my new New Balance running shoes, perhaps they were a little too big and roomy. But it has happened with two pairs of my older Nike Free Run shoes as well.

I am missing something and I hope I am able to figure it out soon.