After a temporary derailment…

The knee pain was excruciating and forced me to stop running, evaluate, rest, and rehab for several weeks. The culprit is the familiar ITB Syndrome, at least familiar to many of you. For me, it was a mysterious unwanted guest in my home that came on quickly and shut things down.

But after several weeks of work, I am now back to running. Where I was running upwards of 14 miles, my return has been slow, with my longest run post-injury-rehab being 8 miles. I am in no hurry. I have taken a lot of steps to prevent a reoccurrence, and quite frankly, I am a little gun-shy. Of course, I missed out on the remained weeks of cooler weather, and with summer quickly bearing down on southern Nevada, that is another issue that I am having to contend with.

But I will have surpassed 400 miles running in just a couple of days since starting again after all these years, and I am pleased about that. Yesterday’s run was a balmy 91 degrees. Not terrible, but not 60-70 degrees.

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