Derailed But Not Stopped

A lot has been going on with me, but unfortunately, running of late has taken a back seat. Following an unexpected health issue, I soon found myself running afoul of the all-too-common running injury, ITB Syndrome.

At first, I had no idea what was going on. Once that bit of ignorance was brushed aside, I was faced with all the same questions that other runners encounter when they first struggle with it. After several rabbit trails, I finally resolved that I needed to stay off the road for a few weeks; 6 is what I am shooting for while devoting that time to a battery of exercises, 4 times a week, designed to strengthen my glutes.

The pronation of my right foot seems to be a contributing factor, though not all professionals agree on that. What is amazing about ITB Syndrome is that there are distinct camps on what the cause is and what to do. One person says to roll the ITB another says NO! Another says to stretch the ITB, whiles others disagree.

My approach, a bit in the dark, is to step away from running and strengthen my glutes. It seems that my knee is rotating inward, so the hip-knee control isn’t too great. I am doing the following, though these aren’t necessarily the normal or official names of the exercises:

Outer leg lift with band

Clamshell with band

Side/Lateral step with band

Forward walking with band

Squat with band

Squate with band and kettlebell

Standing leg abduction with band

Fire hydrant with band

Standing fire hydrant with band

Bulgarian split

Wobble board standing balance

I have been hitting the exercises pretty hard and consistently, and I hope to be running again soon. I also made a decision to try a pair of Saucony Hurricane 23 shoes to help with my pronation.

Right now, patience is my greatest enemy as I want to be running again. The plan is to rest/rehab for 6 weeks. We will see if I can hold out that long.

I will keep my progress posted.

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